Meredith Howse is a Brisbane based artist, who has extensively travelled.

Meredith's art is of a Romantic Sublime nature, drawing inspiration from the world around us. Beauty and drama is found in so many landscapes. Meredith's objective is to have people lose themselves for a time in the painting; like being absorbed in a great novel. She wants you to feel an emotion when you look at her work.

Meredith's paintings are a cocktail of subject, methodology, texture and material. She complements nature’s colours with oil paint on stretched canvas; making beautiful scenes bright or richer with colour.

Meredith exhibited 30 paintings of the Brisbane River at Petrie Terrace Gallery in 2016. Award winning Artist. Finalist in Lethbridge Art Award 2014,2015,2016 and Rotary Art Prize 2016 and 2017. 2017 Finalist Milburn Art Award. Joint curator of the Marist Ashgrove Art Show.

2018 Large Solo exhibition 80+ paintings Lockyer Valley Public Gallery, Gatton. 1st February to 10th March.